We’ve received many questions over the years and want to share the most common ones with the community. Whether you’re already savvy with digital marketing, a novice or beginner–broaden your perspective by reading through these helpful FAQ’s.

What demographics are you targeting for my ad campaigns? Unless you have a highly specific audience type that you’d like us to focus on, we’ll start broad then over time narrow down your optimal ad audience based on click/conversion performance

Can I tell you to target specific individuals with display ads on Social Media if I have their email addresses? Yes we certainly can but we trust that you’ve obtained that email address list responsibly—no one likes Spam tactics

Can you define and market to a certain demographic based on interests or social media likes? Yes, if you give us a list of keywords that describe or heavily define your intended audience we’ll take it and tailor your campaign(s) around it.

I have a list of ideal customers already. Can you define and target similar individuals with an ad campaign? Yes! In fact, the more targeted we can get the better. We can use your existing customer list to auto generate similar or ‘look-a-like’ individuals to market to. All we need is a list of their email addresses!

  • Learn more about Facebook’s ‘lookalike’ audience tool
  • Important: Please reach out to your campaign manager before sending this list over. We respect your privacy (and that of your existing customers) so he or she will provide a secure method for transferring this data.

A significant portion of my clients are native Spanish speakers. How can we tap into that market? We can create a targeted campaign for any other language and also geo-focus the campaign to appear only in areas that are highly concentrated by that demographic. And we won’t just simply translate your existing campaigns (we can if you want). But we try to understand what sets that demographic apart from your other customer segments.

Do you recommend we continue with physical mailer/post card advertisements? The adage ‘Never put your eggs in one basket’ applies to digital marketing as well. Your advertising portfolio should be comprised of diverse methods, just like your stock portfolio—but for different reasons. 

Do you recommend newspaper advertisements in addition to a digital campaign? Similar to our last post, diversification of your marketing efforts is vital. If all you did was advertise via listing a service coupon on sites like Groupon, how would you know your monthly ad budget wouldn’t be better spent elsewhere?

I don’t have a monthly ad budget, where do I start? Similarly to investing in the stock market, the purpose of advertising is to achieve a desired ROI and grow your portfolio of business. Many of our clients didn’t have an existing budget defined so we understand it can be difficult to just allocate a solid ad budget out of thin air. However, you must first shape your mindset around advertising: Each dollar you spend should give something back to you—and this return should be constantly monitored and improved over time.

I’m already an entrepreneur, can I build and manage ads myself, right?! Building and running ads isn’t rocket science but it does take an equal amount of creativity and technical knowledge: Creativity to generate engaging content and a deep Technical understanding of how ad platforms work and how each of their keyword bid/ad placement schemes function.

And trust us, without both of these you’ll be spinning your wheels—How do we know? Because we were in the same boat. During the early days of MatterPlus, it wasn’t until we brought in Google certified experts did we break free from the chains of advertising mediocrity.

Finally, as you know all too well, time is money. Leave it to the experts to do what we’re passionate about while you focus on doing what you love.

I already have someone ‘doing my SEO’, what do I need you for? First let’s be clear what SEO means. Search engine optimization is the art of optimizing your websites content to capture as many organic leads or traffic as possible from search engines. Let’s also be clear that ‘SEO’ has been a hot buzz word for well over a decade now and with it comes a lot of ‘fluff’. So make sure you hold your SEO guy or gal accountable and have THEM prove the ROI to you.

How do you determine how much of my monthly ad budget goes into each advertising channel (i.e. Facebook vs. Google etc.)? Great question! Each ad campaign starts with our own creativity but each subsequent adjustment is based on raw data.

Are these going to be ‘set it and forget it’ advertising campaigns? Absolutely not. We review all campaigns weekly for any necessary  or ad hoc adjustments OR to implement best practices. On a monthly basis we’ll take a macro assessment and decide whether to continue with the current ad channels or reallocate your monthly ad budget to another.

I have an existing website with Google Analytics installed. Can you use my past data to better inform my advertising campaign? Yes! Many of our clients don’t have existing visitor data to key off of, but if you do, that’s gold to us. To loop us in you can provide us with ‘view only’ privileges to access your Google Analytics account. Here are the instructions.

My website is just horrible. How can I justify an advertising budget if my website appears to be from 1995? We know how you feel but that shouldn’t hold you back. Our team will consult with you on your existing website first before even planning out your ad campaign. If you feel a redesign is needed, we may be able to help—we’ve built a number of simple sites for our clients so just ask for a few samples or a reference. Our bread and butter, however, is advertising so we’ll need to scope out website build requests on a quick phone call.

Why is the team at MatterPlus so awesome? Because we’ve been in your shoes and know what it takes to run a small business!

Do you have any client references I can speak to before working with MatterPlus? Most definitely! Just ask and we can arrange a phone call or email.